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About Us

Our Story

The story of Bitcoin Mining Singapore dates back to 2015. Our founders were a group of crypto enthusiasts with invested interests in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. During the rise of Bitcoin, they proceeded into arbitrage trading across different countries and exchanges.

However due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency and the decline in arbitrage opportunities, they then decided to venture into something more stable. Driven by passion and enthusiasm in the technology and coupled with countless meetings among partners across SEA, the idea of low cost mining was then materialized. Bitcoin Mining Singapore was founded in 2019 with the main HQ registered in Singapore.
Mission and Vision. Making mining accessible to the public

At Bitcoin Mining Singapore, we strongly believe that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology will be the future of payment methods. In this relatively young cryptocurrency scene, our founders set out to educate and raise awareness about the potential profitabilities in the crypto mining industry. At the same time making mining accessible and affordable to everyone. Our main goal is to always keep our overheads low and allow our fellow miners to take back a decent profit.